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Faux Brick Back Splash!

To start off, I want to show you guys my favorite DIY project so far: my house!

This is our biggest project we’ve done to the kitchen so far. I hated the back splash that was in our house when we bought it, if you could even call it a back splash. And honestly, tile just wasn’t an option. But I still wanted a farmhouse feel, which you’ll notice is my absolute FAV, so I went with a brick. We went to our closest Lowe’s and purchased a fake brick paneling and went to work!

Now, I have black cabinets so keeping the deep red and black tones of the fake brick paneling we used just wasn’t an option! I like bright and even bold, but I just can’t do dark. With the natural light, the cabinets make a statement and add to my Farmhouse decor, but I decided to do a bold contrast and go white on the brick. So after we cut the paneling to size and it was all put up, I painted it white and I LOVE IT!

**The before and after pictures show how our kitchen looked when we bought it with just sticky panels of back splash (it was only behind the stove and sink) and after with the fake brick (this does go all the way around our cabinets)!

Have you guys done any different DIYs for a back splash? Or do you have any fun ideas? Let me know what you think!


Meeting the Butlers

Hi everyone! My name is Kattie Butler and I’m married to Michael!

I started this blog as a creative outlet to centralize my (current and future) projects with people who also enjoy them! Honestly, Michael is supportive of my projects, most of the time haha, but it is still great to be able to express my excitement and discuss things I enjoy with other people who actually understand those things.

We will look into home decor, baking, money saving tips, and who knows what else! This is my life trying to balance the Butlers and never ending project list!

Thanks for joining me!