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DIY Farmhouse Door on a Budget

I have been so excited to share my door with everyone! This has been one of my favorite projects in our home and I hope all of you enjoy it as well.

So to begin we went and bought a sheet of plywood at our local Home Depot. Nothing fancy. We went with plywood because I was afraid anything else may be too heavy.

First thing first, we measured out the plywood to the correct size that we needed our door and cut it.

Once cut, I began the process of getting the ‘background’ portion ready. I had already bought some chalkboard paint (I actually bought it at the local Dollar General!) and used that to paint out a portion of the door. You could make the chalkboard portion larger or smaller depending on what you like most. Or choose to skip the chalkboard part altogether.

One thing I do regret about the board is that I did not stain the actual plywood behind my herringbone pattern. Between some pieces, you can see through some of the little cracks and I feel that it would have made it a more consistent/flowing look had that been stained to match also.

The small little pieces that you see are actually paint stir sticks! I loved the pack we found because they look like old rulers once they’ve been stained! I stained each piece individually because I wanted them to all look differently. I wanted some with a heavier stain and some with a lighter. I also alternated between staining the back and front sides so not all were plain and not all were ruled. You would use whatever you wanted in this section or just leave it blank. I love that this door can be customized in any way that you desire.

If you do choose to do the paint stirrers, we found that keeping them in the plastic and marking directly on the outside then cutting all at the same time, was the best method to save time. To each their own, but Michael didn’t want to cut each stick individually!

As you can see, I did not immediately glue those down. I chose to frame my door first, them glue down the pieces to ensure that I had a proper fit.

To frame the door, we used 1x4x12 boards. We chose the 12ft boards because they aren’t much more expensive than the 8ft and we could then use the excess to make the middle dividing pieces.

  • I did stain the boards before actually screwing them onto the plywood because it was less messy. This picture shows was simply to show the different portions.

I didn’t take any pictures during the herringbone design process because it is such a tedious design. You could always cut the pieces larger than we did to make it quicker, but I loved the look of the smaller pieces! This portion wasn’t hard, just time consuming. We used wood glue to keep them in place and I did outline the edges with a single layer to make a border so that it looked nicer.

I purchased a kit on amazon for the track of the door and it was only $38! You can find it here. The finished door turned out even better than I had hoped for and it truly inspires me to venture into other projects throughout my house.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about the process!

Happy Monday!

The Finished Door

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